marshes cricket club
MARSHES CRICKET CLUB CLUB was formed in 1965 originally named as Hackney Marshes , but in 1967 the name was amended to MARSHES Cricket Club .In 47 years the club has progressed to be a quite famous named club in London and Internationally . THE CLUB WITH INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION . OVER THE YEARS THE CLUB WAS PREVILIGED TO HAVE CURRENT AND EX TEST PLAYERS PLAYING FOR MARSHES . TO NAME FEW . ARSHAD KHAN / ALI NAQUVI / IFTIKAR RAO / WAQAS CHOUDHRY / JAHANGIR KHAN / MAQSOOD RANA / ZULKARNAIN HAIDER / MOHAMMED ASIF / NAEEM AKHTAR / IMRAN NAZIR / ALEEM DAR / ABDUL RAUF /MOHAMMED TALA SHAHID YOUSAF / ASIF HUSSAIN After Playing friendly in 1996 decided to play League. The club has played in various leagues and enjoyed to be Leagues Champions and knock out tournaments .Achievements are as 1996 Winners Knock out Tournament . 1996 League Winners 1997 League Winners . 1998 League Runners 1999 Knock out Winners . AND League Winners ( DOUBLE ) 2000 K O Winners & League Runners Up . 2001 K O Winner & 1st Division Runners up 2002 Bad year only runners up of the league 2003 Again only Runners up . 2004 League Winners . 2005 LEAGUE WINNERS 2006 DOUBLE LEAGUE AND K O WINNERS 2007 DOUBLE AGAIN LEAGUE AND K O WINNERS 2009 LEAGUE RUNNERS UP 2010 LEAGUE WINNERS 2011 TRIPLE CHAMPION . LEAGUE / K O / AND 20/20 2012 DOUBLE KNOCK OUT AND TOURNAMENT . UNDER THE CAPTAINCY OF AMIR KHAN and chairman Salim Yasin THE CLUB HAS GONE STRENGTH TO STRENGHT

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